• Best Venue For Activation Campaigns
  • Best Activation Campaign
  • Best Innovation in Brand Activation / Internal Events
  • Best Entertainment Venue
  • Best Festive Decor
  • Best Marketing Initiative
  • Most Number of Mall Events
  • Best Premium Venue of the Year
  • Highest Footfall Of The Year
  • Best Media Hub Of The Year
  • Best Social Media Engagement Team Of The Year
  • Best IP Of The Year
  • Best Brand Experience Of The Year
  • Best CSR Activity Of The Year
  • Best Marketing Team

Best Venue For Activation Campaigns 
A venue needs to be accessible and suitable for having brand activations and campaigns. This award is to felicitate the most popular and engaging venues for such events.

Best Activation Campaign 
Thinking out of the box is especially necessary when it comes to catching the eye of masses. This award shall be presented to the venue responsible for creating a campaign which has impacted masses in a way never done before.

Best Innovation in Brand Activation / Internal Events
Ideation and innovation is the backbone of the experiential marketing industry. The BTL industry is constantly in search of innovations which set them apart in terms of creativity, productivity and ROI.

Best Entertainment Venue 
Gone are the days of retail venues being limited to shopping. Food courts, engagement activities for children, cinemas, bowling etc  give the venue the edge, making them wholesome entertainment hubs, rather than being limited to plain old shopping.

Best Festive Decor
Venues are spaces where people go to escape from their mundane lives for a while. The percentage of people heading to venues like malls during festivals has been increasing with time, hence it is only fitting to suit the environment and make the decor as pleasing as possible. Aesthetics matter.

Best Marketing Initiative 
Marketing is the backbone of any industry. If it doesn’t sell, it doesn’t work. This award honours the best marketing initiatives undertaken by a venue for this year.

Most Number Of Mall Events
Events are key in ensuring engagement with potential customers. The more engagement, the better. For this, we honour venues organizing as many innovative and engaging events in a year.

Best Premium Venue Of The Year
Luxury and lifestyle, combine these two and Premium venues are what we get. This award felicitates the best premium venue across India.

Highest Footfall Of The Year
Catching the attention of the masses and making them  them want to visit the venue is the key to running a successful retail venue. Footfall is the most important aspect in experiential marketing.

Best Media Hub Of The Year
Branding and great activation spaces are the most important revenue tools of the industry. Making activation venues and branding options creative, innovative and feasible is what’s needed at the moment. This award honours the venue performing exceedingly well on this front.

Best Social Media Engagement Team Of The Year
We live in an age where social media engagement is what’s relevant and will continue to stay relevant for a long time to come. Teams handling social media deserve recognition, since they are the pillars behind reaching out to a whole new generation of people.

Best IP Of The Year
Intellectual Properties do a great job in leaving an everlasting impact on the minds of people in attendance. But creating a successful one isn’t as easy as it seems. The venue with the best IP across the country shall be given this award.

Best Brand Experience Of The Year
Feedback is the biggest tool to measure improvement and feedback. This award would go to the venue which has been able to keep all the brands it houses content and complaint-free. Needless to say, this award heavily depends upon the testimonials of brands regarding a venue.

Best CSR Activity Of The Year
Over the year, retail venues have hosted a bunch of CSR activities and events, giving back and doing their bit for society. The venue to organize the best CSR activity in this year would be the deserving winner of this category.

Best Marketing Team Of  The Year
The superhero behind every successful marketing campaign, marketing team are the soul of the experiential marketing industry. For this purpose, we would like to award the most outstanding marketer who has stepped out of their comfort zone and achieved the unattainable.

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